Fritsch Rollfix 700 Reversible Sheeter


Simple to use, but also precise and built to high German standards for years of reliability. The ROLLFIX 700 Reversible Sheeter performs reversible sheeting to the highest accuracy in the industry.


The Rollfix 700 is a premium reversible sheeter for any handcraft bakery. The reversible sheeting process can be carried out manually or automatically providing consistent results.

The NEW touch screen display is easy and clear to operate.

The Rollfix 700 reversible sheeter;

  • Perfect for all types of pastries
  • Gentle on dough
  • Able to handle 44 pounds of dough
  • Has a strong stainless steel frame and sheeting arms
  • Has self tracking belts for long belt life
  • Has a hygienic design for sanitation and easy cleaning
  • Automatic spooling
  • Automatic flour dusting
  • .3- 50mm roller gap
  • 137" working position
  • 197' sheeting/minute
Fritsch Reversible Sheeters are built to perform...not to break down!



 The ROLLFIX 700 Reversible Sheeter is known as the “marathon machine” because of its design and abiltiy to work around the clock in wholesale and industrial bakeries. The Roll Fix 700 Reversible Sheeter has the ability to handle dough blocks up to approx. 20 kg and reaches an hourly output of 200kg of production if folding or 450 kg  of dough sheeting.


         To maintain such consistenty over time, Fritsch manufactures the Roll Fix Reversible Sheeters with resistant and robust technology for extended service life. Machines are equipped with toothed belts which operate quietly and with double sided bearings for the roller gap adjustment. The interior of the machine is reinforced and made of stainless steel. FRITSCH has avoided aluminum casings and synthetic materials wherever possible to improve sturdiness and durability as well as higher hygiene standards. No painted surfaces, no coatings & no nickel plating.


     The ROLLFIX 700 also “remembers” these manual interventions and automatically integrates them into the program sequence based on the operators input..

If you are processing dough for the first time in “Learning Mode” you are free to determine when the automatic flour duster should be activated. For example; if you require high performance, robust design, and convenience during operation, then the FRITSCH dough sheeting machine ROLLFIX 700 Reversible Sheeter is the machine for you.


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