Engineered for optimal bottom heat to provide superior oven-jump and maximum lift. Revent baking technology systems offer flexibility and tremendous labor savings not to mention the most energy efficient rack oven available. Our ovens are designed with;

  • Revent TCC System (Total Convection Control)

  • Revent HVS System (High Volume Steam)

  • Revent LID System (Layered Insulation Design)


Revent TCC System:

Unique airflow system is factory adjusted for perfectly even heat transfer throughout the baking chamber. The TCC system provides a high volume, low velocity upward airflow for bottom heat and even baking without dehydration.

Revent HVS System:

Unique steam system offers greatest surface area for steam generation. High mass for maximum heat retention. Gelatinization optimized for crust formation.

Revent LID System:

Overlapping layers of high density mineral wool insulation offer excellent insulation and stability.

Compact Cross-line Heat Exchanger:

  • Tubular array for optimal thermal efficiency
  • Side-mounted removable design provides easy access
  • High thermal efficiency
  • 4 different steel materials corresponding to air temperature values in heat exchanger

Counterbalanced overhead rack lift device:

  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Flush floor is hygienic and enables smooth access

Other features include:

  • Double glass door
  • Zero inch clearance (fire code rating) back and side walls
  • Full length window with fluorescent light provides clear visibility