Kornfeil VARIANT Cyclothermic Ovens

Radiant heat accumulated in ceramic baking plates, knows how to handle thick rye breads, loose dough, and white wheat bread as well. They are extremely popular most of all for their universality because, due to a baking surface ranging from 8 to 35 m2, they offer a sufficient selection for smaller specialty bakeries as well as for industrial operations with fully automatic bread lines with continuous proofers. 


  • Perfect baking; due to great temperature flexibility of the oven it is possible to ensure an optimum temperature curve
  • Uniformity of baking; system of adjusted valves and programmed baking ensures good temperature uniformity of baking
  • Bake only in decks needed; ability to only bake in one deck while others are shut off completely
  • Optional deck height; Possible to provide with higher deck depending on type of products you want to bake

Technical data

Parameter Value
Number of decks 4-7
Baking Area 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26 m2
Width of baking area 1200, 1800 mm
Depth of baking area 1600, 2000, 2400 mm
Temperature circuits one / two-circuited
Deck height 160, 200, 230 mm
Oven height 2340 - 3140 mm
Oven width 1950 - 2580 mm
Oven depth 2810 - 3210 mm
Source of energy natural gas, oil
Control panels H1 - H4
Max baking temperature 350 °C


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