Oliver Gravity Feed Bread Slicer 797


Ideal for volume slicing needs of small wholesale, large retail and in-store bakeries

  • Uses the lowest cost replacement blades in the industry, contributing to low cost of ownership
  • Easily replaceable, independently mounted, rust-resistant blades
  • Blade replacement only takes one hour of labor, the lowest in the industry
  • Equipped with a last loaf pusher, and handles up to 200 loaves per hour
  • Designed for trouble-free, smooth and quiet operation
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • 32” (813mm) or 48” (1,219mm) feed chutes are available
  • Combi unit allows for production slicing and on-demand slicing
  • Also available with powered in-feed belt
  • Available in 16” and 21” widths


  • Slice Spacing
  • Swing-Away Bagger

Oliver Gravity Feed Bread Slicer 797



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