Warehouse Specials

Electric Deck Oven with Proofer & Setters

Mech Masz Modulo 4 Oven-WH Specials


Kornfeil Variant 10

Kornfeil Variant-WH Special


Jac Self Bread Slicer

Jac New Self-WH Special

5/8″ slice


Double Arm Mixer 80kg

Giotec Double Arm Mixer-WH Special


Fritsch Rollfix 300C

Fritsch 300 C-WH Special


Daub Slim 1400

Daub Slim 1400-WH Special


New Daub Robocut (R) Automatic

Daub Robocut (R) Automatic


Multi-Cooker MK-60

Mech Masz Cream Cooker-WH Special


Oliver 777 Slicer

Oliver Variety Slicer 777-NRefurbished with 5/8″ thickness


Used Revent 726 Single Rack Oven

Revent 726-WH Special


Daub Robotrad-p+

Daub Robotrad p+-WH Special


Enigma M400S3D

Enigma M400S 3D w. Table-WH Special


Enigma Ultra ML 900 3D

Enigma Ultra ML 900 3D-WH Special


Escher PM160V Professional

Escher PM160V-WH Special


New Escher PM80V

Escher PM


Escher PM60

Escher PM60-WH Special


Demo Escher M60P

Escher M Premium


Trima Prima Duo

Trima Prima Duo Side


All Bake 24 Part Divider

ABT P24-WH Special


Belshaw BX 10

Belshaw BX10


Zelaieta TXA Mini Package


Revent 7122 P/R


Lot of 100 Sheet Trays

ABT 18x26 Pan

Heavy Duty


Avancini MIDI 45

IBIE Special


Coming Soon



Coming Soon