Revent ONE39 Round Shop Oven (Gas)

Revent ONE39 Round Shop Oven (Gas)

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Round Mini Oven - gas. Proofer or Proofer Retarder base is optional.

  • ONE39 Oven, Gas Heated, 85,000 BTU/H, 208/220V/3 ph/60 Hz.
  • Natural Gas and Liquid propane: 85,000 btuh @ 7-14” w.c, ¾” drop to ½” NPT

Additional Descriptions:

  • Water Supply: ½” ø 35-45 PSI, cold
  • Drain: ½” NPT
  • Round bake chamber and sliding pocket door
  • GIAC Touchscreen control with 500 Programs,
  • 8 Standard baking tray (18”x26”) capacity
  • Auto Damper
  • Self contained Revent High volume steam system
  • RTCC (Round Total Convection Control) Air Distribution
  • Standard Packing flat on skid


Dimensions46.6″W x 39.6″D x 54.0″Heigh of oven x 34.4"Height of Proofer/ Retarder