Zelaieta TXA Aut Roll


  • This machine has been developed to produce highly hydrated bread (70-90% water content).
  • Due to its special process: Hard flours, long resting times, small damage when cutting,…etc allows the baker to produce high quality bread in a variety of shapes.
  • The TXA-MAN “roll” has an adjustable satellite head that laminates and spreads the dough bath, which has been previously placed from the container onto the indeed conveyor.
  • The following step; longitudinal cut, spreading, cross cut by guillotine(transversal cut) and loading of the product onto boards and trays (flat and/or impression) is made automatically.
  • Bread types: Traditional Ciabatta bread, in all its varieties (baguette, pointed bread…etc)

Zelaieta TXA Aut Roll 


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